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Practice Environment#

We don't believe in virtual environments, labs, or virtualised practice environments. They don't reflect reality or what you'll be doing in the real world. Instead of working inside of a fake environment, we want you to use real VMs and real operating systems.

So in this section, we'll go over the tasks we want you to complete in order ot create an actual practice environment that's based on a real system - a system you can break and fix. We'll also be drawing on documentation from other, existing sources because it's already already been written and is really good.

To get your practical environment up and running, we suggest you use DigitalOcean. It's a very easy to use, simple, cheap service (but also stable and professional) that has data centres all over the world, especially the US.

Let's now take a look at DigitalOcean and start getting some resources into place.