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What are the specifications of your computer? Let's create a report. To achieve this, you'll have to discover the best tools for your operating system that allow you to explore the following details:

  1. What CPU make and model do you have?
    1. What is the clock speed?
    2. How many Cores does it have?
    3. Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?
  2. How much system RAM do you have?
    1. Is it DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5?
  3. Do you have an SSD or an HDD?
    1. What make and model is it?
    2. How big is it?
    3. (Bonus) what is the partition layout?
    4. (Bonus) what is the file system on each partition?
  4. What GPU does your system have in it?
  5. What NIC does your system have? Does it have one or two?
    1. (Bonus) What is the MAC address of each NIC you have?

Use Google Docs (or your preferred system) to write a report on each of these components. Explain the tool(s) you used to find the information and how you used them. Screenshots are welcome.

Build a System#

Now it's time for some fun! We want you to build a crazy powerful system of your chosing. It must be a valid system, and all the components must be compatible.

Switch region!

In the top-right of PC Part Picker is a drop-down that lets you change you region. We recommend doing this as you'll get locally sourced part prices and suppliers.

To achieve this, us PC Part Picker, create an account, and then shopa round for the best components in each category: CPUs, RAM, mainboards, GPUs, etc. Everything.

Once complete, make sure to save the system and then report it to us on your next call (or via email if you don't want to waste your calls presenting your findings - that's totally fine too.)