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Password Management#


Work in progress.

You're going to be working with a lot of accounts and so you're going to need a way of generating, saving and using a lot of unique passwords for each account. That's where a password manager comes into play.

Personally, I use 1Password. I've used it for years and its integrations work pretty damn well. It works on my phone, Mac, Windows 10 workstation, iPad, and more.

Here's a list of options that I'd recommend:

Name Thoughts Vendor
1Password Great all round solution for loads of platforms 1Password
LastPast Same as 1Password, but just a different offering LastPass
Bitwarden Open source for those interested in a self-hosted solution bitwarden
KeePass Open source and offline KeePass

These are the options I recommend investigating and deciding upon. That's not a complete list and I'm sure you'll encounter other recommendations over time, but these are the options I've seen the most in the wild.