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Basic Security#

There are some fundamental security concepts you really need to know coming into this industry. Without knowing these basics, you'll struggle to create secure solutions for clients/customers and you'll be unable to talk the talk with others in the industry. Security has always been important but as time passes, the average computer user is becoming more vulnerable to scams and businesses are being attacked more often. It's our responsibility to build platforms and solutions that are secure from inception until decommissioned.

Basic Concepts#

Let's focus on a few key areas that I know will enable you to be a great security conscious engineer in a DevOps environment:

  • Encryption (and decryption)
  • Transport Security
  • Firewalls
  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Password and Secrets Management

Once we have these covered these topics, you'll have a good, high level understanding of some core security topics.


Let's begin our journey into this space by looking at the general theory of data security: encryption.